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Is there a God? Is Jesus who the Bible says he is? Imagine the answers a 21st century scientist and atheist can find, when through an accidental discovery, he learns how to travel through time. He has the means at his control to learn the truth by traveling back 2000 years to find out if the Bible is all a story or if it is real. RG describes how the machine comes about, how it is built, and what that journey through ancient Israel might be like. There’s enough science to make it real, and answers to many questions he was asking.

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If there are ghosts... if there are demons... then surely there must be a God. 


They were a simple family the three. Then they moved and brought in a new child and found there was more to the house and the area than anyone could suspect. It wasn’t an accident. It was waiting for them to arrive.

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We know that as far back as records and our archeological findings reveal, humans have sought out answers to the mysteries of who we are and where we came from. With new technologies searching the stars, it seems the chances are higher that we might discover we are not alone. In Gleise 581, one of those technologies finds a message buried in the noise coming from deep space. The first in a series of questions wasn’t a question at all: “Tell us about creation.” But what was it asking? The scientists thought it was about the Big Bang; the clergy believed it was about God; and the anthropologist thought it might be asking about evolution. What would these beings understand about our answers, even if we could figure out how to answer? Clearly they knew we were here. 

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We all heard in school about the Bell-shaped curve. Grades, heights, everything seems to follow that curve that peaks in the middle and tails off at the ends. But some people seem to just be lucky. They do nothing different, but things just seem to give them favor. Is there something called Luck and do some just have it?  I’ve seen it first-hand and there has to be an explanation.


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We as a species are about to launch a new venture onto Mars. Man has always been an adventurer journeying onto new lands, climbing mountains, diving deep into the ocean. It’s natural that when we could, we would head out into space. But the Bible doesn’t speak of other worlds. In fact, the last book of the Bible talks of man living forever in the paradise of a new earth formed for him. But what happens if we are living on two worlds? Does that story of a new earth even make sense?

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