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I think when I write. 

Funny, I've done that most of my life, but never knew it. Back in school, I found myself hand writing summaries of textbooks into my own words. It was just something I did. Twenty years later, I looked at those spiral bound tablets and finally realized what I had been doing. 


And, in those 50 pages of handwritten notes, I had more information than in the 300-page textbook. The textbook assumed we knew nothing, like a first grader entering elementary school. In my own approach to the material, I would summarize the big ideas then fill in the details.  It made so much more sense that way.

So, why did it take me into my 50’s before I wrote a novel?  Ask my wife Judy. She’s a devout Christian. I was not. She tried for years to convince me. One day she gave me the book, The Case for Christ. It was supposed to be convincing because this former atheist New York Times journalist was converted by interviewing a number of Christian scholars. 


I hated the book.  Of course, if he only interviewed Christian scholars then it was likely that he would only get a one side story.  If they were devout then they should be pretty convincing.  Why not also ask an atheist with a PHD? I couldn’t stop hating and talking about it. 


So my wife challenged me: If you hate it so much and can disprove everything in it, then why don't you write your own book?  I had written numerous technical papers and recently contributed to a textbook on Biomedical Engineering — so I thought, why not!  


That set me off on a year long research project where I studied the Bible, ancient and modern texts, Biblical Israel, the Aramaic language and even the clothing and food of 2000 years ago. After that year, I was ready. 


I could disprove everything.

One rainy day I couldn't take my lunchtime walk. So I sat at my desk, and almost without thinking, started to write.


Everything was coming out wrong.  I was writing a novel. I couldn’t write a novel, but there it was!  Before me unfolded a story about an atheist scientist who, by an accidental discovery, learned how to travel through time. 


In the story I was writing, this scientist alarmed his devout Christian wife after they both heard a friend respond to the question, "Why do bad things happen to good people?"  His answer, "I don’t know, but some day, I'll walk right up to Jesus in Heaven and ask him."  The scientist nudged his wife, "You know with my machine, I can do just that... 2000 years ago." 


I was alarmed myself because this book, seemed to be writing itself. Ten years later, the books haven’t stopped coming yet. 

Volcano Hiker

RG Author Bio

RG is the author of the series The Walk, which explores the intersection of science fact and religious thought on a journey to uncover shared truths. He is an accomplished engineer who has significantly contributed to the design and development of innovations in diverse technologies across multiple industries, and holds unique patents both in the U.S. and internationally.


RG is fascinated by both the technical world that has driven much of his life, and the philosophical concepts learned from the study of religion, particularly Christianity. In his writing, he bridges the ideas learned from physics, engineering, and mathematics with those of philosophy, religious hermeneutics, and history. Common questions exist from both fields that sometimes breed opposite answers, and RG has set about finding and delivering explanations. 


As a professional engineer, RG has helped develop many “World’s First” innovations in the medical, aerospace, space, nuclear, and transportation industries. His contributions span diverse technologies from the first implantable cardioverter-defibrillator, steerable guidewires for coronary angioplasty, electrical ablation for cancer tumors, biopsy tools, sensors for deep space missions such as Cassini, aircraft sensors, and safety devices for the railway industry. RG has written numerous cited and peer-reviewed papers, contributed to a textbook on Biomedical Engineering, and authored thousands of technical documents. 


RG lives in Southern California with his wife Jude, who encouraged him to write his first novel, The Walk, after years of putting up with engineering talk, invention works-in-progress, and continuous objections to anything religious.

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